As we enter Term 3 the thought of children beginning kindergarten is becoming a reality and we have been receiving lots of questions about how we are getting your children ready for kindergarten. “School readiness” means different things to different people and here at Kiama preschool we believe getting ready for school begins when your child starts preschool. The skills children need in order to make a smooth transition to school goes beyond letters and numbers. They need to be able to participate in group environments, to interact with peers and adults, to manage frustrations, to have confidence in their abilities as learners. We view getting ready for school as an opportunity to develop skills that will not only help with school but also with life.

We have an established Transition to School program, which includes the children, families and local schools. We implement this program in the second half of the year and it includes:

  • Grouping the children according to the primary school they will be attending for more formalised literacy, numeracy and science experiences.
  • Fostering social skills through the PALS (Playing and Learning to Socialise) program.
  • Parent morning teas so families can become familiar with each other.
  • Children visiting their primary school with their preschool friends and a preschool educator.
  • Canteen lunch order week. Children can get a lunch order from Kiama Public School.
  • A visit from Billy back pack, a transition to school mascot.
  • Transition to school statements completed by the preschool educators and passed onto your child’s school.

Over the next term we will be connecting with local primary schools and asking their tips to prepare yourself and children for the transition to kindergarten. Look out for these in the coming weeks.

If you have any questions regarding your child’s transition to primary school please mention them to a preschool educator or email preschool and we can get in contact with you.