Following on from our transition to school blog we were very fortunate to connect with St Peter and Paul Catholic Primary School and their kindergarten teachers. They have shared some suggested skills that you can work with your children in doing independently over the next term which will help them settle into their time at kindergarten.

  • Open and shut school bag
  • Open and shut food containers and drink bottles
  • Pack and unpack school bag with lunch box, hat, jumper or jacket
  • Open, close, lock and unlock toilet doors and latches
  • Blow your own nose and place used tissues and rubbish in the bin
  • Open and close a zipper
  • Know and recognise their own first and last name – to find and locate their own belongings and books
  • Being responsible for their own belongings
  • Know what food they have in their lunch box and when you would like them to eat it
  • Carry own school back on both shoulders into school. This is also a calming weight for the students as they enter school
  • How to ask questions of adults eg “Can I please go to the toilet?” “I’m not sure what to do, can you help me?” “Where should I put this?” etc

St Peter and Paul also shared these links to information from Dr Lyn Cronin a lecturer for UOW’s School of Education, relating to your child’s transition to school and facing this change with confidence and care.

A special thank you to Melissa Allen for connecting us with St Peter and providing us with this valuable information.