Starting at Kiama Preschool

Tips for starting your child at preschool

Try and visit the preschool before the starting date to familiarise yourself and your child with the preschool.

Be positive in your approach. If you are apprehensive, your child can sense these feelings and will react to them.

Try to leave time for a relaxed start to the day. Make time for a good breakfast and a chance to dress without a great rush, a quiet talk and a cuddle before getting to pre-school.

Allow some time at the pre-school if possible when you deliver and pick up your child to share some moments of preschool with your child.


Children cope with separation from parents in different ways – depending on their personalities and experience. Staff will work with you in developing strategies for your child’s smooth transition to preschool.

Last, but not least, remember that the staff are here to help your child make a happy start at the preschool. If there are any concerns at all please feel free to talk to them. It is often easier to solve a problem early than to wait until it gets too big.

Welcome to our community!

There is always so much to learn here at Kiama preschool and our teachers love teaching us new things about our environment every day.

Sand Play

We love making sandcastles and sand pies in our little sand pit. It’s just the right height for us and it doesn’t even matter if it spills over the edge!

Do you love dinosaurs too?

Dinosaur battles are great fun. The play mat will often be full of Megalosaurus, Stegosaurus, Baryonyx and even the fearsome Tyrannosaurus Rex, look out Mr Triceratops!

Castles and Kingdoms

The blocks are just the right size for our little hands to build all kinds of structures. From castles to forts, warrens and dens. The blocks are terrific fun. Most fun of all is knocking them over when we’re done!


We look after our veggie patch every day. We grow strawberries, fresh herbs, carrots and lots of other veggies too. It’s fun watching them grow and teaches us to have lots of patience.

Imaginative Play

We all love to use our imaginations here at Kiama Preschool, there are so many great toys for us to play with to stir up our imagination. I wonder if blue whales and turtles can be best friends?
We are proud to be a Sun Smart Preschool