History red

Kiama Preschool was first opened in August 1969 in response to a need in the Kiama Municipality. It first operated from the Church of England hall in Kiama. It provided sessional preschool- 5 morning sessions and 4 afternoon sessions. Children could attend a maximum of 3 and a minimum of 2 sessions per week. Now Kiama Preschool offers full day, flexible attendance patterns to meet the needs of children and their parents.

The present building was erected in 1975 and was financed by a Government Grant and two very generous, anonymous donations.

Kiama Pre-School Incorporated is licensed and partly funded by the Department of Education and Communities.

It is a non-profit, community facility and runs on a break-even basis and all costs incurred in the running (this includes the wages and salaries) and maintenance of the Pre-School are met by the parents in fees paid and a State Government Subsidy.

Kiama Pre-School is run by a voluntary Management Committee elected from members of the Incorporation, which consists of parents of children at the pre-school and interested members of the community.

Kiama Pre-School Inc. also established a mobile preschool in 1989 and this preschool provided preschool education to other areas such as Jamberoo, Gerringong and Albion Park. Jamberoo Community Preschool is now a centre-based preschool operating in Jamberoo. Both Kiama and Jamberoo Preschool are managed by the Kiama Preschool Incorporated Management Committee.